Virtual Assistant

Who needs a virtual assistant?

But first — what exactly IS a virtual assistant (VA)?

Simply put, it’s someone who performs the duties of a secretary or office assistant – but who does so from a location outside the office.

“But…” you may ask “WHY?” What would be the advantage of having a secretary located somewhere other than in the office?

There are LOTS of advantages:
  • No commute:

    Because a virtual assistant doesn’t have to invest the time and expense to commute to and from work, the time saved can be devoted to work (instead of just sitting in traffic) and the money saved means the VA will be willing to work for a bit less, since he/she doesn’t incur transportation costs.

  • Office equipment:

    Because the VA doesn’t work within your office, she (or her placement service) commonly provides the desk, chair, computer, and other equipment… so YOU don’t have to!

  • Office space:

    Your VA doesn’t take up physical space in your office, so you don’t have to pay for the additional space you would need for an in-house helper.

    But the BEST reason is what we call…


    Because a VA ofter works from a location where living expenses are much lower than in the city where your office is located, he/she can work for a lot less pay while still maintaining a high standard of living.

    For instance, let’s say your office is located in New York City… and your VA works from a home office in Smalltown, Alabama where living expenses are less than half those in NYC. Get the picture?

    Here’s another example. Suppose that, instead of Alabama, your VA is located in the Philippines, where $50 US Dollars will buy food for an entire month? How far would the $50 go where you are?

Wouldn’t YOU be willing to accept a lower paying job if your living expenses were just a FRACTION of what they are where you live and work? And furthermore, let’s suppose that you would not only pay much less than you would pay a local hire, but that your VA was college educated, highly skilled, had a strong work ethic, and was very dedicated to doing the best possible work for his/her employer?

Are you starting to see the advantages?

But let’s return to our original question… WHO needs a virtual assistant?

Ask yourself:

  • “Do I desperately want to GROW my business, but don’t have time because I get too bogged down in the day-to-day operations of just RUNNING the business?”
  • “Do I need to hire help, but can’t afford to pay for a skilled secretary or office assistant? Heck, I can’t even afford to pay minimum wage, never mind paying for skilled help!”
  • “Do I work 8… 10… 12… or more hours/day, but can’t find time to implement all the ideas I want to utilize to improve my business, bring in new revenue, and improve my ‘bottom line’?”

If you answered “Yes” to any ONE of these questions, then YOU need a virtual assistant!

What if you could have a college educated, highly skilled, and highly motivated Virtual Assistant for as low as $5.49/hour? Would you be interested?

If you find yourself working long hours, but can’t seem to do more than just complete the routine tasks, then it’s time to make a CHANGE! Call us today for more information on hiring one of our VAs to help with your business. There’s NO obligation… you’ll get NO high pressure sales pitch – Promise!!… just straightforward answers to your questions.

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