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If you own or operate a business in today’s world, here are some important facts you need to be aware of:

  • 74% – the percentage of Internet users who search for a specific business within a specific locality
  • 82% – the percentage of the above who follow-up offline by calling of visiting the business location, or who make a purchase
  • 61% – the percentage of those searches that produce a sale

2.6 Billion (2,600,000,000) – the number of local searches each and every MONTH!

Now given those figures, you should be able to put up a web site, and have tens of thousands of potential customers flocking to your door, right?

Well… hold on. It’s not quite that simple.

Yes, there ARE large numbers of potential customers searching for YOU and for the products and services that YOU offer!!

The problem is… they CAN’T FIND you! They can’t find you because your web site is not showing up in the top positions in the search results. And if that’s the case, they’re going to buy from your competitors… NOT from you.

If fact, if your site isn’t found at least somewhere on the first page of the search engine results, you can forget it! Nobody is going to drill down to page 27, 28, 35 etc. of the results to find your company. And very, VERY few people even search beyond page 1 (when is the last time YOU did?)

But if your website isn’t showing up on page 1 of the results, don’t despair. We can help!

Let us evaluate your business, your business niche, the market for your product or service, and the Internet environment for that market. We’ll do a FREE analysis and let you know what, based on our experience and expertise, is the potential to rank your web site high in the search engine results. (Don’t have a web site? Click Here)


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We’ll get back to you with a free analysis. Remember, there’s absolutely NO obligation.
The profit potential of utilizing local search is ENORMOUS! Why not get a piece of the pie?


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